H2O Pool & Spa is a full service pool & spa cleaning and repair company that provides pool services to homes, condominiums, commercial buildings, and gyms throughout San Diego.

Pool & Spa Maintenance & Cleaning Service

Our service list includes:

-Cleaning tiles and borders (each visit)

- Skimming surface and debris (each visit)

-Vacuum bottom (each visit and if needed)

-Vacuum bottom through the suction line   (if needed)

-Brush pool walls (each visit)

-Brush pool bottom (if needed)  

-Descaling (if needed) 

-Empty skimmer basket (each visit)


-Empty pump basket (each visit)

-Check vacuum cleaner (each visit)

-Equipment inspection (each visit)

-Timer & clock inspection (each visit)

-Backwash (if needed)

-Filter cleaning (times depend on filtration capacity)

-Sand Filter cleaning (times depending filtration capacity)

-Salt system cleaning (each three months)

Pool & Spa Repair Service

We repair and/or install the necessary equipment of the best known brands, our job is to leave your pool ready to enjoy in any season.


We also offer Epoxy pool coatings to restore your pool to like new condition. Our repair technicians can also take care of almost all structural repairs needed, including cracks and pool deck repairs.